Tips & Techniques

If you have some tips or would like to share your favorite techniques for catching bass in Mexico or the United States e-mail them to us and don't forget to include your name so we can give you credit for your tip.

Don't forget to check back often for more tips and techniques.

Practice Your Casting

With almost all the Mexican lakes covered in trees the accuracy of your casting can play an important role in your success rate. If your from a part of the country that is covered in snow all winter and the only fishing you get to do is through the ice, your casting could be a little rusty. Even if your local lakes are frozen solid you should try to get in at least 15 minutes a day of casting practice. The practice will go along way in keeping you out of the trees and in the water where the fish are.

Check Your Equipment

I have seen more big fish lost to bad drags and old line, I can't stress enough the importance of proper tackle maintenance. Remember if you have any question about tackle maintenance try you local tackle shop or e-mail Bass Fishing Mexico

  • Reels should be lubed regularly and drags checked often
  • Check the guides on every rod to make sure that none of your inserts are cracked or missing. A good tip is to use a q-tip to check the guides for cracks or rough surfaces.....the cotton on the q-tip will stick to any cracks or imperfections in the guides.
  • Replace all your line before departing to Mexico!! We recommend at least 17 pound test for all baitcasting tackle. (I like to use 12 or 14 pound when fishing crankbaits because the baits tend to swim a little deeper) If you are using spinning tackle I recommend 14 pound monofilament or one of the braided lines like Spider Wire. Line heavier then 14 pound mono is just to stiff to cast well from a spinning reel, the braided lines are much softer in the heavier line test weights.
  • Sharpen your hooks or use a good quality chemically sharpened hook on all your baits (this means changing the treble hooks on all your crankbaits and topwater lures ) We like to use Owner or Gamakatsu hooks. If your spinnerbait hooks are not sharp take the time to touch them up with a file.

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