Peacock Bass Fishing

What sets Manaka apart from all other peacock bass destinations?

Besides the enviable comforts of the lodge, Manaka is the only fishing lodge on the Orinoco/Ventuari river system. This means that you and the other Manaka's guests will be the only fishermen using this vast and untapped fishery. You must see the area from the air to fully comprehend the enormity of the river drainage. The unique combination of isolation, comfort, unlimited fishing area, and a strict catch-and-release policy provides the optimum situation for catching the greatest possible numbers of trophy peacock bass.

What type of fishing conditions am I going to meet at Manaka?

Once you experience the inconceivable surface strike of the peacock bass, you will probably want to concentrate on top water fishing most of the week. You will expect to catch 25 plus peacock bass per day; they will be anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds! The "Pavón", peacock bass in Spanish, is a Cichlid, and there are three different species at Manaka. The Cichla nigrolineatus or Royal Pavón, it averages about five pounds, and has a central uneven horizontal black line on both sides of the body that runs from the gills to the end of the dorsal fin. The Cichla orinocensis or Butterfly averages about four pounds, is the most abundant: it has three ocellates spots, which run along its lateral side. And there is the Cichla temensis. Spotted or Deer, Cinchado in Spanish; it has an unmistakable mottle patch directly behind the eyes. Also, four horizontal dotted lines on both sides that tend to disappear when the fish gets over 20 inches, then, three wide vertical black will appear on both sides. This is the biggest of them all reaching over 20 pounds. There are other fishe that you will be able to catch during your stay: The sable tooth "Payara", a strong fighter that will make acrobatic jumps and can reach over twenty pounds. "The Sardinatas", also called "the leaping maniac" are found in large schools. The "Piranhas" found day and night can weight from one to three pounds. "Morocoto" is like a large bluegill that can reach over forty pounds. Then there are the different types of catfish or "Bagres" where some, like the "Lau Lau", can reach up to four hundred pounds.

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